Solid Pro - Creative Joomla 08/08/2011
for j1.6.0 and j1.7 | 119.35 MB

Solid Pro Features

Color and Pattern Styles

Solid Pro template use 44 different Style themes from color and Pattern combination:
In Red Color :
Red Right Strips( Default )
Red Mini Right Strips
Red Cross
Red Dot
Red Mini dot
Red Nano Dot
Red Plus
Red Left Strips
Red Mini Left Strips
Red Square
Red Square Dot

In Blue Color :
Blue Right Strips( Default )
Blue Mini Right Strips
Blue Cross
Blue Dot
Blue Mini dot
Blue Nano Dot
Blue Plus
Blue Left Strips
Blue Mini Left Strips
Blue Square
Blue Square Dot

In Green Color :
Green Right Strips( Default )
Green Mini Right Strips
Green Cross
Green Dot
Green Mini dot
Green Nano Dot
Green Plus
Green Left Strips
Green Mini Left Strips
Green Square
Green Square Dot

In Orange Color :
Orange Right Strips( Default )
Orange Mini Right Strips
Orange Cross
Orange Dot
Orange Mini dot
Orange Nano Dot
Orange Plus
Orange Left Strips
Orange Mini Left Strips
Orange Square
Orange Square Dot

Amazing Menu System

use 2 amazing Menu:
Mega Menu( Default )
Dropline Menu


Solid Pro use 36 module positions
You can create new module positions.

Modules Suffix :

10 Left and Right Module Colors Suffix

Image Slider

– Tabs GK4
– Nivo Slider

Content Slider

– Gavicks – News Pro GK4
– Gavicks – Tabs GK4


Solid Pro template have 10 different layout position variations :

in 3 Columns :
Content + Left + Right (Default)
Content + Right + Left
Left + Content + Right
Right + Content + Left
Left + Right + Content
Right + Left + Content

in 2 Columns :
Left ( 30% width ) + Content
Left ( 40% width ) + Content
Content + Right ( 30% width )
Content + Right ( 40% width )

Shortcodes – Special Features in Solid Pro

Blockquote & Dropcaps
Lists Style
Legend & Note
Buttons & Box Icon
Image Frame


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